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主催者:フランス支部 セバスティアン・ヴァンロイエン支部長



On March 24th, 2018, Sensei Sébastien VANROYEN helped by Shihan Pascal ROUXEL, organized the 10th French Shinkyokushinkai Open Tournament.

Ten countries joined the tournament as Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, and Switzerland. More than 60 fighters of a high standard showed us beautiful fights with very beautiful KO.

The Referee group was represented with four International Main Referee and twelve Judges coming from Belgium, Kazakhstan and France. Shihan Pascal ROUXEL and Sensei Sébastien VANROYEN stood as Head Referee,

Anthony SÉNÉCHAL from the Prémesques dojo won against Daniel STERNIK from Poland in light weight category, one of the top fighters in Poland, after a tough fight of 4 rounds. This fight was elected « best fight of the day ».
Andreis ROCH from Maccabi Dojo in Paris won in Heavy weight and Ousmane SYLLA from Maccabi dojo as well, won in super heavy weight category against the swedish giant Simon PALSSON.

The king category of this tournament was in middle weight with the Swedish Ali HAYDER who flew over his category with a very high standard of uncommon power and energy. He won in the final against the Bulgarian fighter Lachezar DIMITROV who was awarded with the best Fighter Trophee.

In Women Elite, less than 60 kg, the Polish girls Anna BIELSKA and Ewa JABLUSZEWSKA who won her category, have outclassed their category. In the beginning of this category, we could see a very tough fight (4 rounds) between Anna Bielska and Flavia ODERMATT from Switzerland. Referees decided to award Flavia with the Best Fighter Trophee.
Camille HADDOUCHE from the Prémesques dojo, who became French champion last month, won against the two GUDAISKE sisters from Lithuania in the heavy weight category.

We have three fighters who are selected for the EC in Wroclow (Poland) : Anthony SÉNÉCHAL (lightweight), Andreis ROCH (heavyweight) and Camille HADDOUCHE (over 65 kg).

This Open Tournament was held in a nice sport hall in Loos near Lille (north of France) where Sensei Sébastien helped by his wife Jana, designed a very beautiful poster 4 m x 3 m showing Sosai OYAMA, Shihan Kenji MIDORI and the kanji Shinkyokushinkai.


Sensei Sébastien VANROYEN
Branch Chief
French Country Representative

Shihan Pascal ROUXEL
Branch Chief

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