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主催:イラク支部(アヤド・カファジャ支部長)& 在イラク日本国大使館


The 1st Ambassadors Cup of Japan in Iraq

Date: March 24, 2017
Place: Baghdad, Iraq
Organizer: Iraq Branch Chief Ayad Al Khafaji & Japanese Embassy in Iraq

On March 24th, the 1st Ambassadors Cup of Japan in Iraq was organized by the Japanese Embassy in Baghdad in cooperation with the WKO Iraq Branch, and the event was held at al-Karkh sport club in the city of Baghdad.
64 competitors from 8 dojos across Iraq participated in the Championship.
The competition was well-organized and the perfect obedience to the rules by all competitors made the event remarkable, and excellent fighting techniques and high athletic spirit were shown by the competitors. The Ambassador of Japan to Iraq, Mr. Fumio Iwai gave a congratulatory speech, and expressed his appreciation to the opportunity to present Karate, a symbol of Japanese culture, to the Iraqi people.

Official Results:
Men – 65 kg:
1.Mohammed Khalaf
2.Sajad ali
3.Kareem Ahmed
4.Ali Bader

Men – 75 kg:
1.Ahmed Hameed
2.Hani Jabbar
3.Dhargham Ali
4.Haidar Muhsin

Men – 85 kg:
1.Mustafa Fakhri
2.Ahmed Abdulkareem
3.Qaid Kitab

Men + 85 kg:
1.Shakir Mahmood
2.Mustafa Asa’d
3.Ali Sabri
4.Saif Haidar

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