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日時: 2017年8月19日・20日
場所: アメリカ・ネバダ州ラスベガス
主催者: アメリカ支部 ルイス・トレグローサ・ジュニア支部長、ヴェンツィスラフ・ショリン道場長


Event: The 1st USA Summer Camp

Date: August 19-20, 2017
Place: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Organizer: USA Branch Chief Luis Torregrosa Jr. and Contact Ventsislav Sholin

On August 19, 20 of 2017, the 1st Summer Camp of the United States was held at the Westgate Resorts and Casino in Las Vegas, NV with participation of about 75 students and instructors from different dojos of the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.
This event was organized by Sensei Luis Torregrosa Jr. (3rd Dan), USA Branch Chief from Las Vegas Dojo, and Sensei Sholin (3rd Dan), USA Contact of Los Angeles Dojo (EMA DOJO).
The special guest was Shihan Luis Torregrosa (7th Dan), Puerto Rico Branch Chief.
Sensei Roman Herman (4th Dan), USA Country Representative and Branch Chief from New Jersey Dojo, also attended the event. In addition to the training, the Grading Test was held.
Kyu Test was directed by Sempai Leo Liuzza (Las Vegas Dojo) and supervised by Sensei Luis and Sensei Sholin. Dan Test was directed and supervised by Shihan Torregrosa (Puerto Rico). The event was a complete success.

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