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5月17日に、ウルグアイ全国大会2014が 開催されました。今大会では日本文化紹介のコーナーも設けられ、会場は満員の観 客で賑わいました。

大会にはウルグアイ各地から48名の選手が出場し、男女とも無差別級の 試合が行われました。
優勝選手はボリビアで開催される南米大会2014に、ウルグアイ代表として出 場し ます。

現在ウルグアイでは、武道が人気です。武道の規律がもたら す価値観が見直され、継続は力なりという姿勢で努力を続け自らを高めていくという精神が注目されています。

2014 All Kyokushin Karate Uruguay Tournament– Japan´s Cultural Show

Date: May 17th, 2014
Venue: Montevideo, Uruguay

On Saturday May the 17th the “All Kyokushin Karate Uruguay – Japan´s Cultural Show” was successfully celebrated, at Welcome stadium wich was completely full of people while Demonstrations, presentation in the Stands and struggles were disputed with an excellent level during the course of the afternoon and evening, in an event of great quality and production presented by Kyokushin Karate Uruguay Shinkyokushinkai.

As part of the Cultural Displays, there were stands of the Uruguay Japanese Embassy, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). Bonsai Uruguayan Association, Uruguay Ikebana Association and Uruguay Japan Association. As actual manifestations of Japanese culture there was also presented excellent exhibitions of the Aikido Uruguayan Federation, Kendo and Iaido Uruguayan Association, Uruguay traditional dance group of the Uruguay Japanese Association and an extraordinary child display group of from Kyokushin Karate Uruguay Shinkyokushinkai , with a special presentation that showed hard work and preparation of Hikari Dojo.

With over 40 competitors from across the country, the largest event of Full Contact Karate was carried out and the results were as follows.

Open Men Category:
1st – Federico Diaz – Zanshin Dojo ( WKO ) Classified to Bolivia South American Tournament
2nd – Sebastian Scarlatta – Rivera Dojo ( WKO ) Classified to Bolivia South American Tournament
3rd – Bianchi Gottardo – Honbu Dojo ( WKO )
3rd – Leonardo Araujo – Zanshin Dojo ( WKO )

Open Women Category:
1st – Asia Araujo – Zanshin Dojo ( WKO ) Classified to Bolivia South American Tournament.
2nd – Sofia Calero – Zanshin Dojo ( WKO )
3rd – Natalia Odacio – Stirrup Dojo ( IFK )

Special awards :Kantosho (Spirit Fighter ) – Fabian Lasalt – Andy Dojo ( WKO )
Tameshiwari (Breakdowns) – Sebastian Scarlatta – Rivera Dojo ( WKO )
Jutsu (Combat Technique) – Daniel Rios – Honbu Dojo ( WKO )
Kantosho ( Spirit Battle for new fighters) – Osiris Deleon – Honbu Dojo ( WKO )

The second qualifying instance will be held on August the 2nd at Rivera Regional Tournament where fighters will try to classify for the Uruguayan team .

Finally, the Uruguay Shinkyokushinkai Organization feel great satisfaction that the event was a success and shows that the Karate and Martial Arts are in a boom time where people are again finding the true value of these disciplines. Not only are blows, there are spirits who seek improvement through continuous effort , spirits become better versions of themselves and have no effect other than improving the environment in which they live with their energy and warmth. Osu

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