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日時: 2018年12月7日
場所: アフガニスタン・ナンガルハール州クズクナル
主催者: アフガニスタン支部


The 2nd Eastern Zone Shinkyokushinkai Friendship Tournament

Date: December 7, 2018
Place: Kuz Kunar District, Nangarhar, Afghanistan
Organizer: Afghanistan Branch

The 2nd Eastern Zone Shinkyokushinkai Friendship Tournament was held in Kuz Kunar District of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan on December 7, 2018 to inspire and promote WKO Afghanistan Shinkyokushinkai and to have an Eastern zonal level tournament.
The invitation has been given to all Eastern Zone Shinkyokushinkai Official Provincial Branch Chiefs and Dojos, which resulted in participation of 90 competitors from 3 provinces’ teams fighting in the categories of 4 weights, kids, juniors and youth. The event was carried out under the supervision of WKO Shinkyokushinkai Afghanistan Country Representative and President Sensei Abasin Shinwari, with assistance from WKO Afghanistan Contact and Technical Assistant Sensei Habibur Rahman Adil and WKO Afghanistan Contact and General Secretary Sensei Obaidullah Atikan.
The following performed as referees: Sensei Habib Rahman Adil, Sensei Obaidullah Atikan, Sensei Gran Agh Adil, Sensei Sarjudin Shigiwal, Nangarhar Provincial Chief Sensei Suliman Nasari, Kunar Provincial Chief Sensei Asmatullah Safi, Laghman Provincial Chief Sensei Mosam Akbari, Sensei Ezatullah Wafa, Sensei Sharifullah, Sensei Zainullah budin Muhammadi, Sensei Shireendil Latoon, Sensei Wakman Shigiwal, Hejratullah Muslimi and Sensei Nisar Ahmad Momand.

The event was successfully finished, and congratulation for all WKO Shinkyokushinkai Afghanistan Karate Family members.
Thank you very much from our Kuz Kunar District Shinkyokushinkai Karate Dojos Instructors and Karatekas for excellent hospitality.

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