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32nd National Championship Shinkyokushinkai Villena (Alicante) SPAIN


Last Saturday March 31st was held the 32nd National Championship Shinkyokushinkai, organized by the Federation Kyokushinkai Spain. The city of Villena, in the province of Alicante in southeastern Spain, the home of Pascual Requena Shian and Ferrandiz Sensei, was chosen as the host city.

From 9:00 until 21:30, this championship was developed in its various forms, categories and weights.

With over 250 competitors from infant, junior, U22 and adults, three tatami mats and more than 40 referees, the event was divided as follows: in the morning began with all categories of Kata, ending around 11:00 pm, beginning after the children’s kumite categories, followed by the different weights of Initiation Adults. This category includes those adults up to 5th Kyu. It ended about 15:30 with the awards ceremony of the morning session, stopping an hour for lunch.

At 16:30 we began the opening ceremony, with the parade of referees and competitors of the categories, junior, sub22 and adults. This ceremony honored the four competitors who participated in the 10th World Championship, and acknowledged the appointment of the Branch Chief of the WKO to shihan Mr. Pedro Soriano, Mr. Pascual Requena, Mr. Jose Maria Lozano and Mr. Leonardo Adria, to which Shihan Juan Carlos Escalera, presented commemorative plaques.

The afternoon session was a successful turnout, with nearly 1,200 people a capacity of 1,500 seats of sports. We ended up with the trophy, by Shihan Juan Carlos Escalera and local authorities, Mr. Mayor and Mr. Alderman Villena Sports.

From these results, the FKE, select the competitors who will represent us in the next European Championship in Belgium.

Sensei Ferrandiz
General Manager FKE

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