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この大会には、モントリオール地区からルシアノ・パパレラ支部長、アドリアン・ロション支部長、ダヴィー・リッツィ責任者が参加した他、カナダ他 地区よりガイ・ソルター支部長、キース・タントン支部長、アメリカ地区よりルイス・トレグローサ・ジュニア責任者、佐藤哲也責任者、ローマン・ ハーマン責任者、ヴェンツィスラフ・ショリン責任者も遠方から参加し大会をサポートしました。


The 3rd North American Cup

Date: March 28th, 2015
Place: Longueuil, Quebec, Canada
Organizer: Branch Chief Alain Bordeleau, Branch Chief Normand Bordeleau, WKO Quebec Canada
* In collaboration with: Sensei Christine Jagucki and Sempai Marie-Josee Tremblay

On Saturday March 28th, the 3rd North American Cup was held at the sport-center, Edouard Mont-Petit CEGEP, in Longueuil, Quebec, in a very friendly atmosphere where the Shinkyokushin spirit could be felt and where respect and honour prevailed.

We would like to point out that we were honoured by the presence of many WKO members: Sensei Luciano Paparella, Sensei Adrien Rochon, Sensei David Ricci; all from the Montreal region, but we were also pleasantly surprised by the presence of many members that came from far away; Shihan Guy Salter from New Brunswick Canada, Sensei Keith Tanton from Prince Edward Island Canada, Sensei Luis Torregrosa Jr. from Las Vegas USA, Sensei Tetsuya Sato from New York USA, Sensei Roman Herman from New Jersey USA, and Sensei Ventsislav Sholin from California USA.

More than 250 karatekas, men, women, and children of all ages, came with their coaches from these different regions to demonstrate their skills and their techniques in combats and in regular katas, elite katas and weapon katas. Furthermore, we had two different groups that demonstrated different talent; the first group demonstrated a musical kata and the second group also demonstrated a kata and finished their demonstration by breaking baseball bats.

Our goal was to ensure that this competition would be a memorable event for all the karatekas that participated in our tournament and we believe that we achieved this goal. Everyone is looking forward to the 4th North American Cup in March 2016.

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