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主催者:ギリシャ支部 ジョージ・コスミディス支部長


The 7th Greek Winter Camp

Date: January 26-28, 2018
Place: Mount Pelion, Greece
Organizer: WKO Greece (Country Representative: Branch Chief George Kosmidis)

The 7th Greek Winter Camp was held in great success on January 26-28.
The camp took place at Mount Pelion, in Hania village, one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages in Greece and consisted of many special trainings sessions in Kihon, Kata, and Kumite with more than 50 participants joining the event.
The organizer of the seminar was the Greek Branch Chief and representative of WKO in Greece, Shihan George Kosmidis and he was the official instructor with the North Greece Branch Chief Shihan Otario Melikiadis.
The participants had the honor of experiencing high level training and toughening their skills in the cold and snowy mountain in cold temperatures that exceeded -5 Celsius. Under the guidance of Shihan Kosmidis, all karate athletes started training in the morning at 6:30 and finished 21:30 in the night. The fighting spirit was very high from all participants and all were motivated by Shihans to reach their limits according to Shinkyokushin path.
During the camp, another seminar for referees and judges was in progress which was also very successful. At the end of the seminar, some of the participants were examined for Grading in Kyu and Dan and accordingly they had the traditional kumite fights.
Shihan Kosmidis and Shihan Melikiadis, after the winter camp success, already started to plan the next Greek Summer Camp, one of the most famous, traditional and high skilled camps in Europe.

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