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日時: 2016年6月21日
場所: ウルグアイ・モンテビデオ

スポーツ省は国内のスポーツの政治的推進をしており、「Goal to the Future」と呼ばれる、低所得の若者が様々なスポーツを練習できるプログラムの協定を、今回WKOウルグアイ支部と結びました。

Uruguay Branch signed the Agreement with the Sports Ministry

Date: June 21st, 2016
Place: Montevideo, Uruguay

On June 21st (Tue.), an agreement between the Sport National Secretariat and the Martial Arts Kyokushin Association (the WKO Uruguay) was signed.
The event was carried out in the Executive Tower (Republic Presidency) and was attended by national and foreign authorities.
Among other authorities, the Republic Presidency Secretary, Dr. Juan Andrés Roballo, the Sports National Secretary, Prof. Fernando Caceres, the AUCI Director (Uruguayan International Cooperation Agency), Andrea Vignolo, CEO (CEO) of the Company HRU, Gabriel Gurmendez, the Japan ambassador, Mrs. Keiko Tanaka, the Martial Arts Kyokushin Association President, Shihan Eduardo Garcia, and the Special Programs Coordinator from the Sport National Secretariat, Mr. Pablo Hernandez attended the formal ceremony.
The Sport National Secretariat is having a political promotion of sports in the country, and is promoting the Sports Initiation Schools Program called “Goal of the Future”, which is for low income youth to practice various types of sports.
This time the Sports Ministry signed the agreement “Goal of the Future” with the WKO Uruguay for Kyokushin Karate.
The WKO Uruguay is going to provide instructors to teach in the specific places in all the country designated by the Sports Ministry. The objective here is to develop low income youth through Kyokushin Karate supported by the Sports Ministry.
A major milestone in the policy is constant development of Shinkyokushinkai Uruguay. Osu!!

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