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日時: 2018年5月6日
場所: インド・バンガロール
主催者: インド支部 スリニヴァスルー・パネム支部長

5月6日、バンガロールにて 全インド新極真会空手ノックアウトトーナメント が開催されました。
この大会は9月に開催される第17回アジア大会の選抜大会として行われ、アジア地区理事のJ.B. スジョト支部長をゲストとしてお迎えしました。

All India Shinkyokushinkai Karate Knock Out Tournament

Date: May 6, 2018
Place: Bangalore, India
Organizer: India Branch Chief Srinivasuloo Panem

On May 6th, 2018, All India Shinkyokushinkai Karate Knock Out Tournament was held in Bangalore.
This tournament was held as the selection tournament for the 17th Asia Championship which will be held in September, and Shihan Sujoto, WKO Representative of the Asia Region, was invited as a chief guest. The event was a great success.

Winners of tournament:

Male -65kg (Lightweight)
1st Place: Surya Kanth
2nd Place: Prashanth
3rd Place: Abhisikth
4th Place: Subhash Chauhan

Male -75kg (Middleweight)
1st Place: Sunil Kumar (UP)
2nd Place: T. P. K (Blr)
3rd Place: Sanal Kumar (Blr)

Male +75kg (Heavyweight)
1st Place: Sai Sanjith Reddy (Blr)
2nd Place: Ramu G. (Blr)
3rd Place: Darshan D.
4th Place: Hari Prasad (Kerala)

Female Open Weight Category
1st Place: Akansha Singh (UP)
2nd Place: Vaishnavi (Blr)
3rd Place: Chitra. R (Blr)
4th Place: K. M. Esha (UP)

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