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主催:アルゼンチン支部 セルジオ・ピニ支部長



WKO Championship Argentina 2013

Date: June 8, 2013
Place: Club Atlético Defensores de Glew, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Organizer: WKO Argentina (Branch Chief: Sergio Pini)

On Saturday June 8, WKO Argentina 2013 tournament was held in Buenos Aires. Kata competitions were held in the morning and Kumite competitions were held in the afternoon. 82 competitors participated at the championship and there was very strong fighting spirit of Shinkyokushinkai.
Sergio Pini, Branch Chief of Argentina extended special thanks to all the teachers, judges, competitors and staff of WKO Argentina Branch, especially Mr. Eduardo Vallejos, Mr. Rodolfo Furbatto, Mr. Javier Felix, Mrs. Roxana Avaca, and Mr. Daniel Frontane for the excellent work of the successful event.

The official results are as follows:

Category 4-5 Years:
1st Benjamín Álvarez
2nd Enzo Guevara

Category 6-7 Years:
1st Martín Ramírez
2nd Alejandro González
3rd Juan Soto Fernández

Category 8-9 Years:
1st Martín Luna
2nd Tomas Viera
3rd José Mariño

Category 10-11 Years:
1st José Vera
2nd Brandon Ramírez
3rd Genaro Querzetti

Category 12-13 Years:
1st Martín Furbatto
2nd Joan Goitia
3rd Lautaro Arroyo

Category 14-15 Years:
1st Iván Díaz
2nd Mauricio Caseres
3rd Diego Ramoa

Category 16-17 Years:
1st Gonzalo Karabakian
2nd Juan Manuel Quintana
3rd Carlos Medina

Men Lightweight (-70 kg)
1st Rodrigo Paulevic
2nd Gonzalo Piteira
3rd Carlos Aguirre

Men Middleweight (-80 kg)
1st Ignacio Klimunda
2nd Terry Alvarado
3rd Pablo Lorenzano

Men Heavyweight (-80 kg)
1st Mauro Herrera
2nd Leo Palma
3rd Lucas Pelizzari

Category 6-7 Years:
1st Canela González
2nd Maitena Pini

Category 8-9 Years:
1st Sofía Goitia
2nd Nicol Díaz
3rd Griselda Querzetti

Category 10-11 Years:
1st Evelin Viera
2nd Sofia Querzetti
3rd Jazmín González

Category 14-15 Years:
1st Agustina Sosa
2nd Keran Coria
3rd Damaris Martínez

Women Open
1st Sandra Romero
2nd Lorena Borda

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