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新極真会空手 オーストラリア支部 稽古合宿2023









Australian National Training Seminar 2023

Date: 24,25,26 November 2023
Place: Borambola Sport and Recreation Centre, Borambola NSW
Organizer: Australia Branch

On Friday 24th November all participants traveled to the camp venue in rainy weather conditions but this did not dampen the mood of the participants. As everyone began arriving during the afternoon they were all excited to explore the new camp venue and get settled into their rooms prior to dinner.
We enjoyed dinner together of various types of pasta dishes before preparing for the first training session of camp.
The first session was led by WKO South Pacific Chairman David Jacobs Shihan. It was a vigorous session of Kihon and Ido to stretch our bodies after a long travel to camp. Everyone worked up a good sweat to start the camp.
The second training session began at 6:00 Saturday morning and was more Kihon, Ido and some Kata variations.
After a hearty breakfast of hot and cold dishes the group was split for different training sessions.
The grading candidates were taken away to prepare for their grading tests under the instruction of John Hall Shihan and Andrew Harisiou Shihan. They were taken through all Kihon, Ido and Kata to ensure they were prepared for the grading examination.
The remainder of the camp participants began group training in 3 groups.
Group 1 was led by Tadashi Ishihara Shihan supported by Yasu Yahiro Shihan and Tsuyoshi Murase Sensei and worked on various kumite techniques focusing on proper engagement of the body to deliver effective technique.
Group 2 was led by Peter Volke Shihan and focused on Kihon and Bunkai
Group 3 was led by Mujtaba Ashrafi Shihan supported by David Jacobs Shihan and focused on Kata improvements.
After a healthy lunch, the Grading examination began for 9 students while the other 100 participants did a great session of tournament Kumite training with Ishihara Shihan.
After the technical deliberation the grading candidates began the Kumite segment of the grading. All camp participants attended in Dogi to show support and to fight the grading candidates. The level of fighting was very strong and spirited.
After the Kumite was complete we enjoyed a BBQ dinner Sayonara Party and the Grading announcement was delivered. All candidates were successful in passing their new grade.
Alex Kocic – Yon Dan, Daniel Athanassopoulos Nidan, Anneleise Texler Nidan, Natalie Texler Nidan, April Moran Nidan, Felix Longeran Shodan, Dylan Green Shodan, Van Huynh Shodan, Calum Hines 1st Kyu.
At 6:00 Sunday morning we began the Hyaku Kihon training with 33 black belts counting 100 Kihon in turn. The spirit was strong throughout the 3,300 techniques.
The rain had now stopped and the sun was shining for the final session of the camp which was a session of movement and timing training for Kumite instructed by Ishihara Shihan that culminated with 10 strong fights for all camp participants. The atmosphere during the training was electric as all participants enthusiastically trained hard for the final session of the camp. During the closing of the camp Ishihara Shihan was presented with a gift of a Japanese style Gyuto Kitchen knife that was handmade by John Hall Shihan.
After the camp Ishihara Shihan was taken to Barwon Heads where he stayed with Murase Sensei and enjoyed some traditional Australian BBQ of Scotch Fillet steak at Jacobs Shihan house. He was taken sightseeing in the local area by Murase Sensei and on Tuesday Jacobs Shihan took Ishihara Shihan and Murase Sensei fishing in his boat and they enjoyed a successful catch of King George Whiting, Flat Head and Squid which are all delicious fish to eat.
The WKO Australia sincerely thanks Ishihara Shihan for traveling to Australia to share his knowledge and experience with us and we thank the WKO office for facilitating the travel arrangements.


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