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Canada・Joint training for Dream Cup

Date: March 11 and 19 2023
Location: Quebec, Canada
Organizers: Canada branch (Branch Chief Camille Ohan and Branch Chief Normand Bordeleau)

First training

On Saturday, March 11, 2023, several students from the Shinkyokushin Longueuil dojo (Shihan Normand Bordeleau) had the privilege of training with the students from the Shihan Camille Ohan dojo. Several of the karatekas from Shihan Ohan’s dojo are preparing for the Dream Cup qualifications which will take place in 2024 in Japan. The students of the Longueuil dojo, therefore, had the chance to meet them.
The students of the Longueuil dojo were warmly welcomed by Shihan Camille Ohan and his students, making them feel welcome.
Following introductions, the training began. This training, led by Shihan Camille Ohan, lasted two hours in total and required a good deal of effort from all participants.
On the technical level, the emphasis was placed on the importance of having a good guard, especially when fatigue is felt during competitive fights. Participants also perfected kicking techniques.

Furthermore, the fighters’ cardiorespiratory endurance was put to test during training. The physical condition of the participants will certainly be improved.
The last technical elements of this training were punches and knees carried out in pairs on the dojos punching bags, done in intervals alternating intensity and rest.
The training ended with a competitive combat simulation. Each participant faced an opponent in the center of the ring, under the benevolent eyes of the other participants.
The karatekas from the Longueuil school greatly appreciated this opportunity to train alongside Shihan Camille Ohan’s students. Another positive element is the addition of different techniques that will allow us to enrich our experience.
Our exchange continues next week. The Shinkyokushin Longueuil dojo will have the privilege of welcoming Shihan Camille Ohan and his fighters for a second training session.

Second training

The karatekas from the Longueuil school had the pleasure of continuing their exchange with Shihan Camille Ohan’s dojo this week.
More than 18 students and Sempai from the Shihan Camille Ohan Dojo made the trip. The Longueuil students were very happy to see them again and welcomed them in return. They also met the karatekas from Shihan Camille Ohan’s school who were not able to attend training the previous week.
Shihan Normand Bordeleau started the training with a vigorous fifteen-minute warm-up. The objective was to improve the strength of the midsection and thighs as well as the cardiovascular capacity, important characteristics allowing competitors to better absorb impacts during fights.
Following this warmup, Shihan Normand Bordeleau and Sempai Frédéric Côté Taillon took turns teaching a combat technique. The participants were then able to practice these techniques for more than 45 minutes, which allowed them to deepen their understanding.
As per tradition at the dojo, the second and final hour was devoted to fighting with rounds lasting up to five minutes.

To follow up on last week’s training at Shihan Camille Ohan’s dojo, the training at the Longueuil dojo ended by forming 3 fighting circles, surrounding two fighters per combat area. All had the opportunity to fight under the supervision of present Shihans and Senseis.

A group photo was taken to remember this pleasant event. The karatekas then discussed their experience with their new training partners. All finally greeted each other before parting ways, leaving great energy at the Longueuil karate school. Feedback from attendees was positive. The organizers are planning other practices to help further strengthen the Canadian team.

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