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French Seminar 2023

Date: 9-11 June, 2023
Place: Pacé, Brittany, France
Organizer:France Branch (Kiai Dojo)

On June 9, 10 and 11, the National Seminar was organized by Kiai Dojo in Pacé of Britany under the supervision of Sihan Pascal Rouxel, Sensei Sébastien Vanroyen, Shihan José Pernas, Sensei Johnny Desmedt, with two distinguished guests; Shihan Jan Bülow and Shihan Valeri Dimitrov.
There were 124 attendees from many different clubs from North of France, Normandie, Center, East, and even from the Alps. Belgium was also represented by Sensei Michiel Vlemincks, President of the Belgian Shinkyokushin federation, and Belgian champion, Martin Thauvoye.
The seminar was held according to the rules of the art, on the inspiring way of Sosai. It was impeccably organized and went perfectly. The event began on Friday evening with a jogging in the streets of Pacé near Rennes, followed by an outdoor training session. On the next morning at 6 o’clock, we all went running through the woods along the river. After that, everyone lined up outside the dojo for Kihon and the first fighting techniques with Shihan Jan Bülow and Shihan Valeri Dimitrov.
After a nice breakfast all together, the training went on with our guests Shihans, while
candidates for grading were divided into two groups :
– 20 applicants for 1 Kyu to 3 Dan with Shihan Pascal Rouxel, Shihan José Pernas and
Sensei Sébastien Vanroyen
– 17 applicants for 8 to 2 Kyu with Sensei Bernard Nazaret, Sensei Bruno Picard and Sensei Jean-Michel Gérard
The afternoon was based on guests Shihans’ great knowledge, improving our katas thanks to Shihan Jan’s watchful eyes, and learning simple but effective fighting skills from Shihan Valeri who is famous for his fast and powerful moves.
This long day of hard work and intensive learning ended with a Sayonara party in a nice restaurant, where everybody could mix up and chat about their experience.
On Sunday morning took place forty fights in a row under the Breton sun, supervised by Shihan José Pernas and Sensei Sébastien Vanroyen. Then the seminar ended with ten fights for each applicant to 1 Kyu and above. The spirit of that morning was given by Senpai Ousmane Syla and Senpai Alexis Warth who fought each other for selection to the next World Championship in Tokyo. Alexis won and, with Sempai Mathieu Hanser, will represent France. We will all be behind them both.
A major weekend, which marks the dynamism and good health of our Shinkyokushin family. Every observer will relate that strong, intense, but also warm feeling we all have when we meet during such events. Regrets of departures, assurance of carry on and meet again, and that special feeling that remains long after fighting under Britany’s blue sky. Maybe that’s why the French for bruise is “bleu”.
Jean-Michel GÉRARD

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