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主催:ドイツ支部 ヴォルフガング・ペック支部長


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Kyokushin Karate Winter Camp – Germany 2014

~Training with the Champion~

Date: February 7-9, 2014
Place: Bavaria-Lambach, Germany
Organizer: Branch Chief Wolfgang Pech, WKO Germany Branch

On the 7th of February we started the 10th German Kyokushin-Karate-Wintercamp in Lambach in Bavaria. Kyokushin Karatekas from different countries in Europe met for this camp. There were participants from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland and of course from many German Dojos. Kyokushin Karate connects people!

This year again we had the focus on Kumite and so were happy that the Double-World Champion Sensei Norichika Tsukamoto from Japan, followed our invitation. He led most of the lessons together with Sensei Muzaffer Bacak – all participants were very exalted.

Sensei Christoph Wortmann, President of Deutsche Kyokushinkai Organisation, opened the camp on late Friday evening with a traditional Kihon and Ido-Geiko-Training, as usual outside in the sports ground. Although it was a warm winter this year, we had a little snow on the ground, so people had some problems with correct stances, but everybody had a lot of fun and there was a good spirit in the fire lighted area.

Saturday morning we started with Kumite training. Sensei Tsukamoto and Sensei Bacak taught several students classified in groups of different standards and abilities.

At the same time Katas were taught outside by Senseis Christoph Wortmann, Andreas Rosenhammer and Eugen Harsch, so this morning every student had chances to have a lot of Kumite Training and also Kata, every time at their level.

The afternoon began with our traditional Sosai Memorial Training – we climbed up to the top of the mountain Osser near our hotel. Nearly 130 Karatekas stumped through the snow and the beautiful surroundings of Lambach. It was also the silence of this area, which was very impressive. More than 600 m difference in altitude had to be overcome and anybody had to show a good spirit entering the top of the mountain within a short time.

After Dinner we had another session in the gym with exciting Kumite-training. Sensei Tsukamoto as the actual World Champion, one of the best fighters in the world taught techniques and training methods in an impressive manner. Everybody worked hard, tried new combinations and sweat a lot.

Sunday morning we started with some running. After breakfast again learning and practising Kumite and sparring in the gym was on the program. The students should have the chance to learn as much as possible, so we trained nearly two hours in the gym before the last special training outside started.
Due to the lack of snow we weren´t able to practise some roll-kicks, so we went to a small waterfall with really cold snowmelt water. Without Dogi, everybody had the chance to have a nice and fresh shower…
Back in the gym, the 10th German Wintercamp came to its end. Every student got a certificate of this great event. Those who participated every year were of the same opinion: we´ve had the best Wintercamp ever, very engaged students and instructors in a beautiful surrounding and great accommodation!

Many thanks to the instructors, especially Sensei Tsukamoto – and we hope to see you and your friends at the next winter camp!

Christoph Wortmann

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