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Hungary Seminar 2012 with Shihan Sotodate


About 130 karatekas took part in the Seminar with Shihan Sotodate, which was held in close cooperation by the Furkó and Kálóczi Branches. This camp was held from April 5th to 8th 2012 in the Hotel Ezüstpart in Siófok, Hungary. Great thanks to all who joined the event!

This seminar was led by Shihan Shinichi Sotodate 5th Dan, who is a member of the Technical Committee of WKO Shinkyokushinkai. He formerly competed as well, and impressed many with his strong fighting spirit.

Shihan led six trainings during the camp, and all of them showed a significant professional preparedness. During his trainings, he continuously explained, corrected and helped the acquisition of proper techniques. The trainings began with a warm up session, followed by basic techniques (Kihon, Ido-kihon). We exercised Katas, in which Shihan expounded the recommendations of the WKO Technical Committee, and the amendments in certain Katas. He explained the most important techniques (bunkai), which was supplemented by Shihan Furkó Kálmán as well. We exercised the proper format of ippon & sanbon-kumite. We especially dealt with fighting combinations and fighting movements, and the movement of the body. Shihan presented the essential points, explained and taught Kyokushin karate. He talked about the age characteristics, behaviour, and proper points of standings, postures, movements, and techniques. In most trainings, Kumite was practiced with partner changes, and Shihan Sotodate took part in these sessions as well. All of our trainings were diverse, and thanks to Shihan’s good teaching method, we were able to quickly understand the essence of his intent. During the informal dinner discussion, Shihan talked about himself, his family, his thoughts, and we were able to become acquainted with a really shy, excellent master, with a good sense of humor.

Shihan Sotodate, in his closing words, appreciated the work of all participants and the work of the interpreter, Dóri. He said that he felt good with us, and regretted that he could not do Kumite with everybody. He enriched lots of experience and knowledge and we will strive to make full use of this in our daily training.

The professionalism and humanity of Shihan Shinichi Sotodate impressed all of us.
He is awaited back, and we would be happy to train with him again!

Thank you!

Shihan József Kálóczi 5th Dan BC

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