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Hungary Stefanovics Branch Summer camp

Date: 2-6. August 2023
Place: Martfű Honbu Dojo
Organizer: Hungary Branch (Branch chief Joszef Stefanovics)

Profession, community, joy – report of the summer camp 2023
We had a lot of hard work, sweat and joy in our open summer camp this season. There were 3 training sessions held each day in different groups – kids, adults and sometimes competitors. Many community programs made the days more exciting. The team had the chance to rest in the wonderful local spa every evening. For the smaller children we organized archery education and a DIY craft lesson. The older ones could join the adults and went for a Paintball game. After the morning run and conditionings, we trained Kihon, kata and kumite techniques. We were practicing the traditional Bo Katas as well with long sticks. On the occasion of Warriors’ Day (it is a contest between the youth) the skills of condition, intelligence, karate history knowledge and literature were challenged. Of course we visited the graves of Shihan Furkó Kálmán and Shihan Karmazin György where we remembered them in peace.

The camp was organized by the Stefanovics Branch where students of the Szabó Branch also participated. The whole Hungarian National Team attended the camp, which is getting ready for the Shinkyokushin World Championship. They were not just hard working during the fights, bag training and strengthening but we discussed the draw, the acclimatization plan and other details about the preparation period. After this, videos and pictures were taken of them – the bests of our nation, who travel to Japan in october.

In the evening conversations everybody was welcome. At the end of the camp we held an exam where more than 50 students proved their knowledge. This time 5 senior aged students were examined for brown belt by the following challenges: writing essay, push-ups on fingers, hand standing, performing Kata, Kihon and Kumite techniques, breaking planks with different parts of their body and finally had to do the fights with changing opponents. The team gave a huge round of applause to the new brown belt owners!

The trainings were held by Shihan Stefanovics József (Branch Chief), by Markovics János (Branch Chief), by Sensei Búzás Gábor and Sensei Tina Hupian. The competitors and black belts also had the chance to teach a little. We have great feedback about the camp so we are going to hold the next one in 2024 between 31 July -04. August, also in the town of Martfű.

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