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The 30th All India Kyokushin Karate Summer Camp

Date:24th to 29th May, 2013
Place:Puri, Orissa (India)
Organizer: Martial Art India, WKO India Branch ( Branch Chief: Shivaji Ganguly)

This year the 30th All India Karate Summer camp was organized (by Martial Art India , recognised by Shinkyokushinkai India ) at Puri, Orissa from 24th May to 29th May , 2013 under the supervision of Shihan Shivaji Ganguly . The first camp of our organisation was in 1984 at Digha and after a long strenuous journey we have managed to complete 30 long years successfully. There were about 100 participants from different states of India.

The camp was an enriching experience for the students. We had a very disciplined schedule which comprised of hard training, health habits, entertainments and games. The normal wake up time was at 4.30 am followed by a meditation and breathing exercise session. After that we had a music training session conducted by Sensei Shibayan Ganguly. Then we went for a strenuous beach session which was comprised of long jogging sessions , cardio sessions and then the much enjoyed water session . All these trainings are for the increment of the stamina of the students. After the tiring training sessions a 5 minutes pure bathing session was granted by Shihan Shivaji Ganguly. All these training sessions were planned and designed by Sensei Shibayan Ganguly , Sensei Kajal Ghosh and Sensei Sauvik Chakrobarty . Immediately after bath we headed for our residence Hotel Beach Bengal, where a nutritious breakfast was served.

Then the next training session was from 11.30 am. This was mainly for the seniors (mainly black belts and senior belts) with an idea of making them acclimatized with the blazing heat of the sun. In this session we had an advance regime of training. This session was directly under the supervision of Shihan Shivaji Ganguly. After the strenuous session we had our lunch which had elements like boiled ladies fingers, boiled egg , boiled papaya ,boiled bitter gourd etc.

Then around 4 pm we had our next session where emphasis was given on the technical part. This session generally took place at a green park called Gandhi park. After that at evening we had informative sessions on Karate , documentaries were shown ,to give students a vivid idea about Karate . This was followed by a delicious dinner. After that by 10 pm all the students went off to bed according to the rules of the camp.

On 27th May Night around 12.30 am we had a surprise training session for the students to make them understand that alertness is very important even while they are in deep sleep.

The camp was designed in such a way that a brief insight of a disciplined life can be given to the student which includes healthy food habits, because we believe that to be good Karate ka 100% discipline is very important .

At the end of the camp we had camp fire program where a small party was organised for the students and they were made to participate in different games. Few of them performed extraordinarily well.

On 25th May we had the 9th All India Full Contact Karate School Championship were students from all over India participated in different categories ( Kihons , kata and kumite) . The event was really successful.

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