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KOKORO CUP XI (日本対ポーランド・ワンマッチ大会)& セミナー


主催:ポーランド支部 マリウシュ・マズール支部長

KOKORO CUP XIを12月15日、ワルシャワで開催しました。

Kokoro Cup XI公式結果
第1試合 三上和久 対 マレック・ヴォルニー 【引き分け、日本1:ポーランド1】
第2試合 石原凜々 対 マルタ・ルボス 【引き分け、日本2:ポーランド2】
第3試合 鳥原隆司 対 マレック・オドゼニアック 【引き分け、日本3:ポーランド3】
第4試合 藤原桃萌 対 アガタ・ヴィニアルスカ 【勝者:藤原、日本6:ポーランド3】
第5試合 渡辺優作 対 マシエ・マズール 【勝者:マズール、日本6:ポーランド6】



Kokoro Cup XI Poland vs. Japan Tournament & Seminar

Date: December 15-16, 2018
Place: Warsaw, Poland
Organizer: Poland Branch Chief Mariusz Mazur

The Kokoro Cup XI, the 11th edition organized by Bielanski Klub Kyokushin Karate (WKO Poland Mariusz Mazur Branch), was held in Warsaw on December 15. Instead of organizing a regular tournament, it was held as a friendly match between Poland and Japan, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Polish independence and the establishment of diplomatic relations between Poland and Japan. Instead of a tournament system where the winner advances to the next round, 5 competitors from Poland and 5 competitors from Japan faced each other, with 3 points awarded to the winner, 1 point each for a draw, and 0 in a defeat. The first 3 fights finished in a draw, Japan won the 4th fight, and Poland won the 5th fight to make the total 6:6, and a draw between both countries. WKO Vice President Isao Kobayashi, EKO President/WKO Vice President Koen Scharrenberg, Branch Chief Ko Tanigawa, and many others were present as special guests and referees. Vice President Kobayashi was the main referee for the tournament, and Branch Chief Tanigawa was the coach for the 5 Japanese competitors. In between the bouts, the audience enjoyed a demonstration by the instructors and children.

On December 16, the day after the tournament, a seminar was held by Branch Chief Tanigawa, and the 100 participants enjoyed the world class training in a great atmosphere.

Kokoro Cup XI Poland vs. Japan Tournament Official Results
Bout 1 Marek Wolny vs. Kazuhisa Mikami 【Draw, Poland 1 : Japan 1】
Bout 2 Marta Lubos vs. Riri Ishihara 【Draw, Poland 2 : Japan 2】
Bout 3 Marek Odzeniak vs. Takashi Torihara 【Draw, Poland 3 : Japan 3】
Bout 4 Agata Winiarska vs. Momo Fujihara 【Winner: Fujihara, Poland 3 : Japan 6】
Bout 5 Maciej Mazur vs. Yusaku Watanabe 【Winner: Mazur, Poland 6 : Japan 6】

The tournament finished in a 6 : 6 draw between Poland and Japan.

Tournament Video Link

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