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主催者:南アフリカ支部 シデック・ヌグワコ・モニエラ支部長


Limpopo Marula Festival Half Marathon 2020

Date: February 22, 2020
Place: Phalaborwa Limpopo Province, South Africa
Organizers/host: WKO Branch Chief Sydeck Ngwako Monyela and Sempai Frans Seabi

On February 22, the Limpopo Province WKO Shinkyokushinkai Phalaborwa branch participated at the Limpopo Marula Festival Half Marathon 2020 celebration. The event was organised by The Phalaborwa Road Runners and Run/Walk for life Polokwane. WKO Shinkyokushinkai Phalaborwa branch participated in the fun walk/run with 35 students in their white karate suits. The Streets of Phalaborwa Town to Kruger was painted white by young karatekas taking part in the 5km walk in the jungle of Kruger National Park. This festival is part of the many community building and social cohesion activities in this area and in the province.
Limpopo Marula Festival is a sequel to 14 other festivals since 2006. The festival attracts more participants from various corners of the country and our SADC region partners. Adding to this marvel heritage festival is the picturesque festival destination which is in the town of Phalaborwa which abounds with tourist facilities and attraction sites, it lies adjacent to the world renowned Kruger National Park.
THE FESTIVAL OF “THE FIRST FRUIT”- is a heritage phenomenon which is performed by traditional leaders at the Beginning of the marula season. It is a heritage practice that precludes any drinking of the marula fruit beverage before traditional leaders have blessed the season.
The host, sempai Monyela and Phalaborwa Shinkyokushinkai expressed their gratitude to all participants and parents who made effort to attend the event and support their children to stay active practicing karate.

Sensei Andronica Shonhiwa (nee Rakgantso)
Assistant to President Isaac Mashinini;
WKO South Africa/Africa Region.
On Behalf of Limpopo Province WKO Shinkyokushinkai Phalaborwa branch

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