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Mazovia Max 80


主催者:ポーランド支部 トマス・バシアック支部長

ヨーロッパの80kg未満の選手を対象としたMazovia Max 80を3月15日にワルシャワ・ポーランドで開催しました。


優 勝 マリウス・イラス(ルーマニア)
準優勝 ジェラード・ウィル(ポーランド)
第3位 マレック・オドゼニアック(ポーランド)
第3位 ジミー・コリン(スウェーデン)

優 勝 チェンゲ・ジェペシ(ハンガリー)
準優勝 ヴィヴィアナ・チリラ(ルーマニア)
第3位 ガビジャ・グデリアウスカイテ(リトアニア)
第3位 ノラ・ヴァズネリーテ(リトアニア)

mazovia max 1

Mazovia Max 80 Report

Date: March 15, 2014
Place: Warsaw, Poland
Organizer: Branch Chief Tomasz Basiak, WKO Poland Branch

Another edition of Mazovia Max Tournament is finished. On Saturday, 15th of March, in sports hall Koło in Warsaw we had an opportunity to watch competition of the best men fighters below 80 kg in Europe. Also women in under 80 kg had a chance to demonstrate their skills. The event, organised by Tomasz Basiak Shinkyokyshin Team (WKO Branch), attracted a number of excellent competitors, such as multiple medalists of European Shinkyokushin Championships – Marius Ilas (Romania), Vytautas Cepla, Domas Stutkus (Lithuania), Jimmie Collin (Sweden) and our Polish fighters Shin: Marek Odzeniak, Gerard Will, and Igor Lamot.

Among women it is worth to mention Csenge Szepesi (Hungary), Chirilla Viviana (Romania), Kristina Kojundzic (Croatia), Nora Vaznelyte, Gabija Gudeliauskaite (Lithuania), and our Polish girl – Agata Kaliciak and Anna Bojda.

The main judge of Mazovia Max 80 Tournament was Shihan Alexander Goncharenko (Ukraine), which guaranteed a high level of judging.

Apart from the fights on tatami we had a chance to admire artistic skills of Poland got talentâ participants, who grabbed audience attention and applause during the breaks. Musical setting of the tournament has been ensured by 4CQ Antyradio Coverband, so it was hard, loud and rockâ. Carolina Medical Center supervised the safety of the competitors, healing back the active. Great trophies for the winners have been funded by our main sponsor.
Mazovia Max 80 Tournament was charity event. Money from tickets were earmarked for the holidays for children.

After five hours of fighting the results came… sometimes surprising…

Men Mazovia MAX 80 result:
1st Marius Ilas (Romania)
2nd Gerard Will (Poland)
3rd Marek Odzeniak (Poland)
3rd Jimmie Collin (Sweden)

Women Mazovia MAX 80 result:
1st Szepesi Csenge (Hungary)
2nd Chirilla Viviana (Romania)
3rd Gabija Gudeliauskaite (Lithuania)
3rd Nora Vaznelyte (Lithuania)

On Sunday, after the Touranament we took part in a referee course led by Shihan Alexander Goncharenko.

We hope to meet everyone again in Warsaw !
Osu !
Tomasz Basiak Shinkyokushin Team

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