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Message from WKO President (February 2012)


Dear Branch Chiefs and Contacts,

First of all, I would like to start my message, by expressing my appreciation to all of you for your dedication and hard work for our organization.

January has passed, and we have already entered February. In the Japan Region, we have started our new year in January with the annual Kagami-Biraki training at Gokokuji Temple. Under the sky in the winter sunlight, silent mokuso. Remembering Sosai Oyama when he used to be with us, we once again appreciated the friendship we have all gained through our lives and Kyokushin Karate. I believe Sosai Oyama, now watching over us from heaven, was pleased with our training, and how our Kiai tore through the cold winds, into the clear blue sky.
The activities of WKO for this year, will certainly be the promotion of Karate into the Olympic Games, and the international cooperation towards the next Karate World Cup in Lithuania. In regards to the inclusion into the Olympic Games, it is ideal that we choose the best path for all of us, while keeping innovation in harmony in our thoughts. The change in the international environment surrounding Karate is continuous, and fast. This will at times stimulate innovations to traditional standards, while also demanding harmony with the surrounding environment. I feel there is a need to stabilize the phenomenon which at first glance, seems inconsistent. The inclusion into the Olympic Games, our grand goal, and our pursuit of it is endless, but I would like for all of us to move forward, while listening to all of your viewpoints.
The regional selection tournaments for the World Cup will soon start. With the result of the previous tournament, which symbolized the globalization of Karate, we can expect further development for this upcoming event. I am already looking forward to the fierce rivalry between the very strong fighters of each region, who all will strive to earn the honor of becoming No.1 in the world. Lithuania, the host country of this event, has now developed into one of the major powers in the Karate world. I will be looking forward to the further progress of this movement, which should come with the hosting of this event.
Lastly, we have received news of very high concern.
Andrey Materov, the young Russian fighter and quarterfinalist of the 10th World Championship, was recently hospitalized due to fatal burns he suffered during a fire in his home. We will send out further details at the appropriate timing. Let us all hope and pray for the quick recovery of Materov.

The weather in Japan has recently become quite cold, and I would like to wish you all the best in your health.

Kenji Midori

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