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ニュージーランド 新支部承認記念昇段試験




New Zealand – Troy Branch Inaugural Grading Exam

Date: December 12, 2020
Place: Napier, New Zealand
Organizer: New Zealand Branch Chief Virgil Troy

WKO New Zealand – Troy Branch held its inaugural grading exam on Friday and Saturday 11-12 December 2020.

The Shodan exam took place over two days, with Black belt and higher Kyu grade technical and written examinations on Friday evening followed by general examination on Saturday.

The two Shodan Candidates were successful in attaining Yudansha status; we welcome new Senpai Pieter Smissen and Gurman Bawa to the Black belt ranks of our organization. Congratulations also to Angela Marshall in achieving 2nd Kyu along with 80 other students awarded various kyu grades.

Special thanks from the Troy Branch Chief to Senpai Maria, Abtin, Jacques, Martin and Dean (along with the many volunteers) for their valued help in making the day successful with special appreciation to fellow Branch Chief Peter Lowl in recognition of his invaluable support this year and connecting us with Shinkyokushin.

We have been exceptionally fortunate in New Zealand to have largely avoided the ongoing restriction and impacts of Covid-19 that have plagued most of the world, our thoughts, prayers and best wishes go to all fellow members and supporters of Shinkyokushinkai; we look forward to the opportunity of connecting with our international family around the world as soon as conditions allow.

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