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新極真会空手 フィリピン支部 第7回サマーアウトドア稽古合宿2024







Philippines 7th Summer Outdoor Karate Training

Date: May 3,4-5, 2024
Place: Lobo Batangas City, Philippines
Organizer: Philippines Branch (Branch Chief Richard Picar)

Philippines branch held the 7th Summer Outdoor Karate Training from May 3rd to May 5th at Lobo, Batangas.
It was a resounding success, drawing nearly 80 participants, including practitioners and their families and friends, as well as supporters. The event was led by Sensei Richard, sensei Albert, sensei Ram, and sensei Jane Dee. It was also participated by different dojos; Telus International Philippines Dojo where karate was established here since 2014 and one of the greatest numbers of karate participants, Baqui Dojo- father dojo where we started, Anytime Fitness BONI Ave, Kixstart, and Rosewood dojo, our newborn dojo.

The belt grading promotion was steeped in tradition, honoring the discipline and dedication inherent in the practice of karate. The rigorous physical examination, a cornerstone of karate tradition, tested participants’ strength, endurance, and technique. Each candidate faced the challenge of completing 100 push-ups, squats, and sit-ups, demonstrating their commitment to physical fitness and mental fortitude.

Following the physical examination, participants showcased their skills in kata performance. This portion of the grading allowed candidates to display their mastery of form, focus, and execution.

Additionally, candidates were evaluated on their proficiency in Ido and Kihon, fundamental aspects of karate training. Ido, or movement exercises, emphasized fluidity, balance, and coordination, while Kihon, or basics, focused on fundamental techniques such as punches, kicks, and blocks.

After three days of intense training and evaluation, 30 participants successfully passed their grading and earned their new belts, marking a significant milestone in their karate journey. Their dedication, perseverance, and passion for the martial art were evident throughout the promotion, inspiring fellow practitioners, and supporters alike.

In line with the event, team building activities, seminars, and games prepared by TELUS International Philippines Dojo, one of the largest BPO in the country, add depth and engagement to the whole experience. This moment in time, we make sure we bond and know one another. It likely fostered a sense of one big family and motivation among participants.

As the event concluded, everyone celebrated their achievements with a sense of pride and accomplishment, reaffirming the timeless values of discipline, respect, and camaraderie that define the karate community.

WKO Shinkyokushinkai Philippines are not just a team because we work together, we are a team because we respect, value, and care for each other.


Thank you very much for your continuing support to the Philippines branch…

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