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日時: 2019年5月4日・5日
場所: フィリピン・バタンガス市ロボ
主催者: フィリピン支部

5月5日バタンガス市ロボ・オロオロにて、TELUS International Philippines様のご協力の下、サマーアウトドア稽古会が開催されました。

Philippines Branch Summer Outdoor Karate Training

Date: May 4-5, 2019
Place: Lobo, Batangas City, Philippines
Organizer: Philippine Branch

Summer days can be a mixed bag, a combination of relief from the stress of school, followed by boredom, the ideas of having an outdoor activity excites everyone. The break from school offers a chance to carve out enriching, fun and enjoyable activities that beat the doldrums brought about by summer loafing. The warm weather is a great timing for invitations to enjoy and learn about the spirit and techniques of the Karate outdoors trainings during this time off.

On May 5th, 2019, one of the best events organized by WKO Shinkyokushinkai Philippines was held at Olo-Olo, Lobo, Batangas City. Almost 100 participants joined this very spectacular event, and everyone enjoyed the mixed twist combination of games, exercises, trainings and bonding activities.

This event was held in cooperation with TELUS İnternational Philippines, one of the largest BPO Companies here in our country.

Thank you very much for your continuing support to Philippine branch.

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