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主催者:ポーランド支部 ボイチェフ・ラジェヴィッチ支部長


Poland Shihan Wieslaw Gwizd Memorial Training 2017

Date: June 24, 2017
Place: Tarnow, Poland
Organizer: Poland Branch Chief Wojciech Radziewicz

On 24th of June 2017, Shihan Wieslaw Gwizd’s Memorial Training took place in Tarnów city, Poland. Branch Chief Sensei Wojciech Radziewicz and our guest – President of the Polish Shinkyokushin Karate Federation Shihan Remigiusz Karpiński led the training. 120 people participated in this solemn event from Tarnów city and all over Poland. Through training, the participants paid tribute to Shihan, who was not only a coach but also a mentor and friend for all of his students. Among the participants there were true unity and the spirit of struggle. The presence of Shihan Gwizd and the good energy passed by him were undeniable. After the training all participants went to Shihan’s resting place where they lit candles and laid flowers on his grave. In the evening, there was a meeting where Shihan Wieslaw was mentioned and his activities in promoting Shinkyokushin Karate.
Shihan Wieslaw Gwizd for each of us was an unusual person, helpful, very kind and motivated to overcome his own limitations, and also inspiring to take up challenges.
On behalf of Shihan Wieslaw Gwizd’s family and all of our students we would like to thank all of his students and friends for coming to Tarnow for this special event. It was a privilege for us to host the delegations of many clubs.

Wojciech Radziewicz

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