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The International Kyokushin Fighting Spirit Camp

Date: 28th-30st July 2023
Place: Sieradz, Poland
Organizer: Poland Branch Chief Robert Wajgelt

The International Kyokushin Fighting Spirit Camp was held again from 28th to 30st July in Sieradz. All the participants were greeted by the organizers: Shihan Robert Wajgelt and Sensei Beata Wajgelt. The Mayor of Sieradz, Mr. Paweł Osiewawa, and the Director of MOSiR in Sieradz, Mr. Piotr Iszczek, officially opened the camp. This year, the training camp was attended by the members from multiple dojos. We want to thank the following Sensei’s for supporting our camp: Sensei Tomas Kinc from Czech Republic, he brought a nice group of fighters. Also Sensei Krzysztof Stanek came with his own dojo. And last but not least thanks to Sensei Zygmunt Pietruszka for bringing his team.

The opening training and training in the river were led by Robert Wajgelt. Shihan Wajgelt also led a special training on the main square of Sieradz city. The ido-geiko training was led by Sensei Bart Overkamp from the Netherlands. Sensei Beata Wajgelt organised and led a challenging crossfit training. The early morning training and later the fighting training were led by Sensei Marcin Sieczka. All these trainings took place in a great atmosphere and with a good fighting spirit, in multiple parts of the city.

During the training camp, there was also a Kyu and Dan exam. Congratulations to everyone who passed. On the last day kumite took place In the main sports hall. Everyone fought for almost two hours. All participants received commemorative T-shirts and a Certificate of Participation. Thank you to everyone and we invite you for next year. Osu


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