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ハンガリー・カルマジン支部長 シルバーペリカン賞を受賞





Silver Pelican Award to Shihan György Karmazin, PhD.

Date: September 1, 2014

On 1st September 2014, Shihan György Karmazin PhD., 5 Dan Branch Chief took over the “Ezüst Pelikán (Silver Pelican) Award”, which is one of the most prestigious recognition of the General Assembly in Szolnok, Hungary.

The award was established by the Assembly as a token of their appreciation and respect for those who have prominent performance in developing Szolnok and increasing the mental and physical values of the city. After 16 years, he is the second karate master who received the award since in 1998 Shihan Kálmán Furkó had also deserved the Silver Pelican for his devoted work.

With donating the Silver Pelican Award to Shihan György Karmazin PhD., the local government acknowledges not only his merits that he has been provided for more than 20 years as the successful CEO of the BI-KA Logistics Company but also his sport performance by doing and teaching karate for 33 years, his work at the College of Szolnok educating logistics subjects and his participation at the fields of sciences.

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