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主催者:スロバキア支部 ヤーノシュ・マルコヴィッチ支部長


Slovakian Open 2018

Date: March 25, 2018
Place: Dunajska Streda, Slovakia
Organizer: WKO Slovakia (Branch Chief/Country Representative Janos Markovics)

The biggest tournament of the year, the Slovakian Open 2018 was held in Dunajska Streda on March 25. Nearly 420 people from 33 clubs in 4 countries (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine) were invited to the competition. There were 47 entries from the Seishin Karate Club.
The tournament was opened by the mayor of Dunajská Streda, Dr. Zoltán Horváth. He greeted the competitors and parents, and expressed his gratitude for such great competition being held in Dunajská Streda. Organizers also greeted Roland Hakszer, city representative, member of the Sport- and Body Culture Committee, Csaba Aranyosi, director of the city sports hall, and Timea Takács, head of the Department for Culture, Youth, and Sport. After that, Janos Markovics (leader of the Slovakian Shinkyokushin Organization) thanked the city’s management, Trnava County, sponsors and parents for supporting the creation of this grand event. In addition, they also greeted Kristina Hupian, Ádám Markovics, Adrienn Jakab, and Zoltán Cserepes, Slovakian country representatives and contestants for the European Championship that will be held in Poland this May.
After the opening ceremony, fights began in five courts. Kids were very enthusiastic and well-trained fighters, big thanks to the coaches for preparing them.
The next competition, the Sosai Oyama Memorial will be held in Okoč, by the end of April.

Slovakian Open 2018 results

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