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主催者:スロバキア支部 ヤーノシュ・マルコヴィッチ支部長


Slovakian Open 2022

Date: 4th June 2022
Place: Dunajská Streda, Slovakia
Organizer: WKO Slovakia (Branch Chief/Country Representative Janos Markovics)

After 3 years pause, Slovakian Open was organized again in Dunajská Streda. With 260 participants from 30 clubs and 6 countries (Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Austria and Slovakia), from which 35 contestants came from the organizer, Seishin Karate Club.
The tournament was opened by Mr. Attila Karafa (Mayor of Dunajská Streda). He greeted the contestants, parents, and expressed his gratitude for this great competition being held in Dunajská Streda. He highlighted the importance of the educational impact of martial arts. The following members also gave their greeting speech during the opening ceremony:
– Sensei József Kálóczi, country representative of the Hungarian Shinkyokushin Karate Organization
– Sensei Marek Kubek, country representative of the Austrian Shinkyokushin Karate Organization
– Leo Adria Bisoca from Spain
– Kristína Hupian, Ádám Markovics, Nikolas Trenčík, Zoltán Cserepes and Lara Vígh, coaches of Seishin Karate Klub

The gift was granted to every club representative who attended the event with competitors.
After this, János Markovics, the representative of Slovakian Shinkyokushin Organization, expressed his gratitude to the representatives of Dunajská Streda city, the sponsors and the parents, for supporting this great event. He highlighted that this is a very important event for the club, because they focus greatly on education and training of young contestants. Contestants were from age 6 to adults. The fights started from 10:00 on 5 courts. The national team accomplished very well, Zoltán Cserepes finished on 2nd place in the adult category during a very tough final. Zoltán won his first fight with a nice head kick against his Spanish opponent, but unfortunately, he lost against his Austrian opponent during the extension. Despite this, he was granted the “best technique” award. Csongor Sárai finished 3rd place with one successful fight. Bendegúz Bíró won his first fight with two head kicks. Unfortunately, he couldn’t beat his opponent in the final, he finished 2nd place. Lara Vígh won her first fight, then in the final she wasn’t successful, finished on 2nd place. Dani Bittera and János Rakus couldn’t win, but they fought very well. Contestants fought with high spirit, and on a great level.

6 cadets from the organizer finished on 1st place:

1st places
Boráros Judit, Csölle Kincső Viktória, (Dunaszerdahely) Bogyai Dorka, Tercs Máté, Rácz Kristóf (Ekecs) Bödők Beatrix (Nemesócsa)

2nd places
Bíró Bendegúz, Both Máté, Hansen Peter, Pullman Vivien, Póda Natália, Lavu Botond (Dunaszerdahely) Cserepes Zoltán (Nemesócsa) Vígh Lara (Ekecs) Fábián Viktor, Papp Alex, Sárai Luca (Keszegfalva)

3rd places
Kiss Zalán, Polin Zsófia, Bartalos Liza, László Lenke, Hansen Axel, Kubicska András, Póša Gabriel, Póša Viktória (Dunaszerdahely) Bittera Dániel (Ekecs) Rakus Ján, Sárai Csongor, Tóth Koppány, Rakus Nikolett, Kuchár Dávid, Horváth Nimród, Dolník Patrik (Keszegfalva)

Official competition results
Official competition results, white and orage belt

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