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主催:スペイン支部 ヘスス・タラン支部長


Spain Talan Branch Annual Summer Festival 2015

Date: July 25, 2015
Place: Alcorcon, Spain
Organizer: Spain Branch Chief Jesus Talan

“The Dojo “Shinkyokushinkai Alcorcón” of Shihan Jesus Talan, Spain Branch Chief, made its annual festival on July 25th with over 350 participants.
This year’s festival theme was “The Olympic Karate in Tokyo 2020, based on two rules: Full Contact and Non Contact”. We rewarded the best students, sponsors and officials, and new Kyu belts were also delivered to all students in great celebration.
All the children wore T-shirts of the five Olympic colors, and we made the five rings on the floor of the sports center, leaving adults with white shirts to form the word Karate. We believe it was a good support for our dream for Karate to be included in the Olympics.
Shihan Jesus Talan performed a spectacular display of Kanku Kata and between the techniques of it, was made tameshiwari on woods, and baseball bats with Mawashi Geri, but much applauded by the audience when he broke a bat with his forearm ” Kote “.
Shihan Jesus Talan certainly has a great Dojo, where all students develop the true essence of our dear Shinkyokushinkai Karate.

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