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主催者:スペイン支部 ヘスス・タラン支部長


Spain Talan Branch General Assembly 2018

Date: November 10, 2018
Place: Madrid, Spain
Organizer: Spain Branch Chief Jesus Talan

On November 10, we held the annual General Assembly of our branch at the Canaleja Sport Hall in Madrid (Alcorcon), in order to prepare the calendar of our activities until 2019. We discussed the next technical seminars, gradings, championships, summer camps, and the hard work necessary for the next World Championship.
In the afternoon, we had a technical training, and delivered the new black belts (3rd Dan, 2nd Dan, 1st Dan). Some students were relatives, and 2 new Senseis, one of them had the honor to deliver the 1st Dan to his 54 year old mother, and Sensei Ruben Rodriguez (former Spanish competitor in WC), performed the ceremony of giving the 3rd Dan belt to his wife Sensei Jana Mikulec (mother with 3 children, and active competitor), Sensei Francisco Ramon Meco gave the 1st Dan to his son Alejandro Meco, and in total, it turned out to be a very emotional ceremony, where 16 new belts (1 for Andorra) were given out to the relevant people. Andorra is also growing consistently, and increasing its presence in EKO and WKO.
All activities in Shinkyokushin are important, but a ceremony for new black belts, represents the result of great effort by our students to reach higher levels, which is a good foundation for the development of WKO.

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