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The 1st Greek International Winter Camp


With great success, the 1st Greek International Winter Camp of Shinkyokushinkai Karate took place during 2 to 5 Febrouary in Zagora city, Mt. Pilion of Greek mythology “Kentayros”, with the participation of athletes from the cities Komotini, Rhodes (island), Thessaloniki, Kilkis, Athens, Agria, Volos and Zagora .The trainings in the Winter Camp were led by Sensei George Kosmidis, Otario Melikiadis, with also the participation of the President of Greek Shinkyokushinkai Association, Sempai Antonios Souvleris. Various exams for various ranks took place during the camp. The whole organizing and executing responsibility was performed by Sensei Kosmidis with the help of other important instructors. The Winter Camp was held under extreme cold and snow, but all the participations and guests enjoyed every moment of the camp due to the beautiful scenery and the warm hospitality of all the people who hosted the camp (hotels, restaurants, etc). The next Winter Camp, will take place at the same site next year.

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