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To all Kyokushin Organizations in Japan


The Executive Committee of the Karate Dream Cup (organized by Shinkyokushinkai) has invited all Kyokushin organizations in Japan to the “Karate Dream Cup 2012 International Tournament”, as the first step towards the goal to further promote the united front of the Full Contact Karate world.

Given this decision, the deadline for the applications have been extended to June 15th (Fri.).By joining hands with all who are involved with Karate, we would like to promote the activities toward our great dream, to create the united front, and to make Karate part of the Olympic Games. We ask for the understanding and cooperation of all related parties.

In the future, invitations along the same lines are planned for the All Japan Weight Division Championship and the All Japan Championship.

Karate Dream Cup 2012 International Tournament
Executive Committee Chairman Kenji Midori

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