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The 1st Turkish International Camp

Date: September 6-8, 2019
Place: Bursa, Turkey
Organizer: Muzaffer Bacak 4th Dan (National Coach of Germany)

Almost 150 participants from all over Turkey spent three days of hard and intensive training during the 1st International Shinkyokushin Camp in Bursa, on the foot of the famous mountain Kulisse (Uludag). The camp was an initiative of, and organized by the famous former world-class fighter and now renown Sensei Muzaffer ‘Muzi’ Bacak. Originally from Turkey, the multiple European champion and former vice-champion of the world lives in Berlin (Germany) but spends a lot of time in Turkey to promote Shinkyokushin Karate. With the strong motivation to realize his goal: make Turkey, with its many young talented fighters in Full Contact Karate, one of the leading member countries in the European Karate Organization (EKO) and World Karate Organization (WKO).

The camp was focused on Kihon, Kata, Ido, and Kumite of course. The participants from 7 countries, completed hard and various trainings, but they also had 100 fights over the three days (!). All in good harmony, with the usual respect and discipline that is characteristic for Budo Karate.

Sensei Bacak was grateful for the dedication, enthusiasm, and spirit of the participants. ‘This was a great first time, I want to repeat this camp every year,’ he declared after the last training and wishing ‘sayonara’ to all. ‘It is my goal to work together with as many strong Karateka from Turkey as possible and show to the world that we can make a difference in the dojos and tournaments. This is a goal that really can be reached and a challenge for the near future.’

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