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日時: 2015年1月24日
場所: アメリカ、ラスベガス
主催者: アメリカ支部



The USA Selection Tournament for the 11th World Championship

Date: January 24th, 2015
Place: Las Vegas, USA
Organizer: WKO USA

On Saturday January 24, 2015, WKO North America Las Vegas Shinkyokushin celebrated the inauguration of the new Dojo and at the same time we celebrated the Selection Tournament between the USA Region to determine who’s going to represent the USA on the 11th World Championship on October 31, 2015 in Japan.

Some of the invited guest that were present in this event include Shihan Torregrosa from Puerto Rico, Sensei Luciano Paparella from Canada, Sempai Robert Angers from Canada, Sempai Marisa Leone from Canada, Sensei Sholin from California USA and Sensei Sato from New York USA.

We have 4 competitors from the USA region that compete against each other for the only ticket to represent USA in the 11th World Championship.
Dennis Franklin from Las Vegas Dojo was the winner of the Event and Michael Martinez from New York Dojo were the second place. With this win Dennis Franklin is the official Representative of the USA to participate in the 11th World Championship. Despite of the loss, Michael Martinez displayed good spirit and represented New York Dojo with honor.

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