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11月29日・30日、ウズベキスタンのナヴォイにて第4回(子供の部)・第9回(大人の部)新極真会空 手ウ ズベキスタン大会の2つの大会が開催され、ウズベキスタン各地から118名の選手が参加しました。

The 4th Cup among Juniors and The 9th Cup among Adults of The Center Shinkyokushinkai Karate Republic of Uzbekistan “NUR-HAS”

Date: November 29th-30th, 2014
Place: Navoi, Uzbekistan
Organizer: Branch Chief Khasan Nazarov

On November 29th and 30th , two tournaments, The 4th Cup among Juniors and The 9th Cup among Adults were held in Navoi, Uzbekistan.
There were 118 participants in these competitions from different regions of Uzbekistan.
The organizer of the tournaments was the Country Representative of WKO Uzbekistan, Branch Chief Khasan Nazarov (3rd Dan). The main referee was Mutal Nazarov (3rd Dan).
All competitors had been trained well by qualified trainer-instructors. The congratulations message from WKO President Kenji Midori was read in the opening of the competition and some demonstration performances were showed by competitors.
The tournaments were successful. The competitors and the audience enjoyed these days.

The list of the winners:

November 29th, 2014

Boys 56-65 kg
1st place – Dovultayev Asliddin (Navoi city)
2nd place – Shodiyev Giyos (Navoi city)
3rd place – Yusupov Aslbek (Navoi city)

Boys 51-56 kg
1st place – Nematov Oybek (Navoi city)
2nd place – Eshmatov Abduraym (Samarkand region)
3rd place – Khakimov Umidjon (Samarkand city)

Boys 46-51 kg
1st place – Akbar Khodjiyev (Navoi city)
2nd place – Mukhammad Raupov (Navoi city)
3rd place – Nurmanov Shokrukh (Navoi city)

Boys 41-46 kg
1st place – Jmashid Matyakubov (Khorezm region)
2nd place – Takhat Rustamov (Samarkand region)
3rd place – Akbar Ergashev (Navoi city)

Boys 36-40kg
1st place – Khamdambek Artikov (Khorezm region)
2nd place – Bakhodir Sayfullayev (Tashkent region)
3rd place – Khayotjon Buriyev (Samarkand region)

Boys 33-36kg
1st place – Doston Mukhammadiyev (Navoi city)
2nd place – Nodirbek Davlatov (Navoi city)
3rd place – Artur Pankratov (Tashkent city)

Boys 31-33kg
1st place – Mukhammad Khamrakulov (Navoi city)
2nd place – Shokhrukh Palvonov (Khorezm region)
3rd place – Jonibek Namozov (Navoi city)

Boys 26-31kg
1st place – Shukhrat Abdullayev (Khorezm region)
2nd place – Mukhammadali Niyozmetov (Khorezm region)
3rd place – Alibek Bozorov (Tashkent region)

Boys –26kg
1st place – Ansor Agzamov (Samarkand city)
2nd place – Bobirbek Safarbayev (Khorezm region)
3rd place – Danil Pankratov (Tashkent city)

November 30th, 2014

Girls –30kg
1st place – Parvona Ashurova (Samarkand city)
2nd place – Sabina Abdukhamidova (Navoi city)
3rd place – Ezoza Avlayeva (Tashkent city)

Girls 35-45kg
1st place – Marjona Kilicheva (Samarkand region)
2nd place – Guljakhon Ulasheva (Tashkent city)
3rd place – Durdona Eshonkulova (Samarkand region)

Girls +46kg
1st place – Sayyora Turdikulova (Navoi city)
2nd place – Vasilya Onamjulova (Navoi city)
3rd place – Dilrukh khamdamova (Navoi city)

Boys –60kg
1st place – Mukhriddin Kulmurodov (Navoi city)
2nd place – Uzrukh Nazarov (Navoi city)
3rd place – Shakhboz Sattorov (Navoi city)

Boys 60-70kg
1st place – Murodullo Djabborov (Navoi city)
2nd place – Alisher Radjabov (Tashkent region)
3rd place – Ruslan Narimanov (Navoi city)

Boys +70kg
1st place – Bakhtiyor Tursunov (Navoi city)
2nd place – Ulugbek Tukhtayev (Navoi city)
3rd place – Damir Mavlonov (Samarkand city)

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