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日時: 2017年4月2日
場所: ウズベキスタン・ブハラ州カガン
主催者: ウズベキスタン支部


Uzbekistan Special Training

Date: April 2nd, 2017
Place: Kogon, Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Organizer: WKO Uzbekistan Branch

On April 2nd, a special training for a Kyu examination and preparation for the 19th Championship Among Juniors was held in the town of Kogon, Bukhara region.
About 30 people from Kogon Dojo and Bukhara Dojo participated in the special training, and those who had passed the Kyu exam successfully were selected as competitors for the championship. The 19th Championship Among Juniors of the Center Shinkyokushinkai Karate Repubic of Uzbekistan “Nur-Has” will be held at the College of Olympic Reserve in Bukhara city on May 6th-7th in honor of “May 9th – Memory Day”.
Kumite techniques were demonstrated by trainer- instructor Sensei Mutal Nazarov (4th Dan) to the participants.
Olim Ergashev, Uchkun Avliakulov and Barakayev Mansur who are the trainer instructors of Dojos from the town of Kogon and Bukhara city also participated in the special training. These trainer-instructors are the organizers of the above mentioned championship.

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