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カナダ・オーハン支部 昇段審査会




Canada Ohan Branch Dan Examination

Date: May 21 and 28, 2022
Place: Quebec, Canada
Organizer: Canada Branch (Branch Chief Camille Ohan)

On May 21st, a Dan examination was held at Dojo San in Laval, hosted by Sensei Gabriel Bouchard. It was officiated by Branch Chief: Shihan Camille Ohan and Contacts: Sensei David Ricci and Sensei Carlo Papa. The six candidates demonstrated a good spirit, endurance, and perseverance. There were three promotions to Shodan and three to Nidan. We congratulate them on their efforts.
On May 28th, a Dan examination was held at the Town of Mont-Royal Recreation Center in Montreal hosted by Shihan Camille Ohan for the students of various dojos under his branch. It was officiated by Branch Chiefs: Shihan Camille Ohan and Sensei Adrien Rochon as well as Contacts: Sensei David Ricci and Sensei Carlo Papa. Other high ranking guests were also in attendance, including Sensei Eric Ratalle, who is a new member to the WKO. The candidates gave an outstanding performance. Although grueling and demanding, the candidates never waivered in their performance or spirit. Among the candidates, one fighter is destined for the World Championship in Poland. His energy raised the level of all in attendance. There were four promotions to Shodan, one to Nidan and one to Sandan. We are so very proud of all their efforts.

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