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カナダ・アラン・ボルデロー支部 昇級審査会2022




Canada Alain Bordeleau Grading Exam 2022

Date: April 27th and 30th 2022
Place: Greenfield Park, Quebec, Canada
Organizer: Canada Branch (Branch Chief Alain Bordeleau)

A belt examination was held at our Greenfield Park Dojo for 8 to 12 year old children on April 27th 2022. These 25 children accomplished a lot in their one hour class; warm up, cardio movements, series of kicks and blocks, katas and combats. At the end of the exam they were very happy to receive their new belts and certificates.

On the same day, an adult belt examination was also conducted for 20 examinees. The adults gave their 100% in their training, kicks, blocks, breaking with their hands and feet, katas and combats. Some of the participants had as much as 12 combats to do and they never gave up. They proved their determination in the 2 hours class.

On April 30th, 2022, a breaking exam was held for children and adults. On that Saturday, 22 children of different belt levels and 28 adults also of different belt levels were present. Parents and friends of the participants were also present at the Greenfield Park Dojo to encourage the participants. The breaking exam lasted 3 hours.
Children and adults proceeded to break wood boards with the shotei, tettsui, shuto and hiji techniques.
Of course, some participants were more advanced and broke more boards for each technique.

Also, two of our Sempais; Sempai Theo Kassimatis and Sempai Lucas Pego each attempted a challenge. Sempai Theo broke 6 boards for all the techniques and Sempai Lucas also broke 2 cement blocks in all the techniques and more. It was a very exciting day, but what was amazing was to see the faces of the children when they succeeded in breaking their boards. The children, the parents were proud and so were we.

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