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Moldova International Camp 2015

Date: April 24-26, 2015
Place: Chisinau, Moldova
Organizer: Moldova Branch Chief Aurel Condrea

The Moldova International Camp 2015 was held in Chisinau on April 24-26, 2015. The camp was established in the memory of Sosai M. Oyama. 6 countries and 182 fighters in order with Shihan Jesus Talan 6 Dan (Spain), Sensei Aurel Condrea 3 Dan (Moldova), and Sensei Sangeorzan Radu 3 Dan (Romania) took part in the memorial camp. Under Shihan’s mentorship all students passed the kihon technique till the 3 Dan, and passed all the exams till the 1 Dan. Singeorzan Dragos passed the exams for the 1 Dan.

This year’s camp was very strong and dynamic. Shihan has a very quick and advanced technique, and it was a great pleasure to learn from him. The group was divided in three parts, and was trained by three instructors. Sensei Sangeorzan Radu is a good friend of mine, he helped me a lot with the organization of the camp.

The general assembly took place in the morning of the 24th April. All 16 Clubs from the Moldova Federation, together with students and trainers from 6 different countries began the seminar with 4 trainings per day. The exams were divided in 2 sessions. 25th April was the first day for kihon and kata exam. 26th April was dedicated to kumite and as a tradition it was organized in the main hombu.

After the exams, in the memory of M. Oyama, all members of the seminar did 100 push ups and 100 Tsuki, and it ended with a minute of silence in the memory of the great master.

Lastly, Shihan Jesus Talan accepted Sensei Aurel Condrea’s request to become the main Shihan in Moldova.

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