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Uruguay Branch Summer Camp 2013

Date: 23 Feb, 2013
Place: Pinar Beach, South West of Uruguay
Organizer: WKO Uruguay Branch (Branch Chief : Eduardo Garcia)

Last Saturday 23rd of February, the Summer Camp 2013 was held in Pinar Beach in the South west of Uruguay, this was attended by over 150 members throughout Shinkyokushinkai Uruguay.

At 10:00 pm the first training started at the beach, by Eduardo Garcia Shihan, Jarry González Shihan, Adriano Hernandez Sensei and Daniel Rios Sensei, among other teachers who also were involved. This lasted until 13:00 pm and consisted of a whole kihon, ido gueiko techniques, various exercises of strength and endurance involving also the technical side, always taking advantage of the natural environment.

Then continued with a theoretical talk in Country Club, in which Eduardo Garcia Shihan, Jarry González Shihan and Adriano Hernández Sensei, nurtured all the present members while sharing their experiences along the path of Budo Karate. No doubt this strengthens the link between generations, making those who are just beginning to understand a little more the way in which they will enter in the practice of Kyokushin Karate.

At 16:00 hs it was held an educational talk on first aids, by Marcelo Soca Sensei (3rd Dan), who is a paramedic and volunteer of TESSINF URUGUAY (EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIANS WITHOUT BORDERS). International NGDO Health Professionals Pre-hospital.). It gave basic guidance on issues of immobilization and mobilization, CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation), head trauma and useful first aids in situations that may result in daily life, but in our business are likely. This gave a major boost to this day, and is open to a more personalized new instance in which professors and judges will acquire more in detail these fundamental skills.

Finally at 18:00 pm the day concluded with a special competition training by Oscar Diaz Sensei (Coach of the selection), and Federico Diaz Senpai (South American champion), which was focused on different physical exercises and Kumite techniques to strengthen this area.

In conclusion it was a day of intense activity, with the distinction of being the first event with ANCAP (The biggest State company whose businesses include fuel, lubricants, gas, alcohols and Portland) as official sponsor of our organization. More than 150 people could experience excellent different instances and directed by professors with vast knowledge and experience. An event that undoubtedly really positions Shinkyokushinkai Uruguay as the largest and most serious Budo Karate organization in the country.

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