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新極真会空手 ポーランド・ココロカップ2023





ココロカップ2023 結果
1位 マシエ・マズール(ポーランド)
2位 ダヴィット・ムスカラゼ(ジョージア)
3位 マレック・オドゼニアック(ポーランド)
4位 鈴木皓大(日本)
1位 アネタ・メスカウスキエネ(リトアニア)
2位 ポール・ラヴリノヴィシウテ(リトアニア)
3位 ダリア・バナシアク(ポーランド)
4位 ユスティナ・ヴァバリス(リトアニア)

敢闘賞 鈴木皓大(日本)、ポール・ラヴリノヴィシウテ(リトアニア)
技能賞 ダヴィット・ムスカラゼ(ジョージア)、アネタ・メスカウスキエネ(リトアニア)

Kokoro Cup 2023

Date: December 2 and 3, 2023
Place: Warsaw, Poland
Organizer: Poland Branch (Branch Chiefs Mariusz Mazur, Remigiusz Karpinski)

For the 16th time, the Bielański Kyokushin Karate Club organized the prestigious international Kokoro Cup tournament.
The competition took place on December 2 in the hall at ul. Leopold Staff in Warsaw. A day later, young people also competed there in the Kokoro Cup Junior competition.
Fourteen competitors fought in the women category, including six Polish and five Lithuanian women. Our country was represented by: Anna Bojda, Kamila Krygiel, Natalia Smith, Yelyzaveta Chuiko, Sylwia Wróbel and Daria Banasik. The following people came from Lithuania: Aneta Meškauskienė, Agnė Lavrinovičiūtė, Justyna Vabalis, Paulė Lavrinovičiūtė and Lolita Rubinienė.
The competition in both categories started from the 1/8 finals. Next were quarterfinals, semifinals, fights for 3rd place and finals.
Among men, Maciej Mazur (1st), David Mskhaladze (2nd) and Marek Odeniak (3rd) stood on the podium, and Kodai Suzuki was fourth. The women’s category was won by Aneta Meškauskienė, and Paulė Lavrinovičiūtė, Daria Banasik and Justyna Vabalis took 2nd, 3rd and 4th place, respectively.
The Saturday part of the tournament was also enriched by demonstrations of karate techniques, including a Tameshiwari demonstration. The audience also watched performances by the dance group Marta Pacholak, vocalist Kornelia Czerwiec and taiko drummer Frank Rybicki.
– Most editions of the Kokoro Cup were tournaments. However, there were also years of the pandemic when we couldn’t organize such events, so we held galas. In 2018, we hosted the Poland-Japan match, and in 2022, the European Championships in open weight categories – recalled Mariusz Mazur, president of the Bielański Kyokushin Karate Club. – In the coming years, we will focus on tournaments for men and women like this year. We would like to invite the international elite who will show the Warsaw audience what real Kyokushin is.

On 3rd December, over 200 karatekas from Poland, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania and Ukraine arrived and competed in age categories from U-12 to U-17 in Kokoro Cup Juniors tournament. In each case, divided into girls and boys and weight categories.
– The participation of these young people in the Kokoro Cup is not only a tournament dedicated to them. It was also an opportunity to get inspired by senior fights earlier, so every young karateka could see Saturday’s performances of the best live fights – emphasized Mariusz Mazur. – That’s what it’s all about! By training the next generations, we strive to raise players who will represent us with dignity during large events, such as the World and European Championships.

1st place: Maciej Mazur (Poland)
2nd place: David Mskhaladze (Georgia)
3rd place: Marek Odzeniak (Poland)
4th place: Kodai Suzuki (Japan)
Best Spirit Award: Kodai Suzuki (Japan)
Best Fighting Technique Award: David Mskhaladze (Georgia)

1st place: Aneta Meškauskienė (Lithuania)
2nd place: Paulė Lavrinovičiūtė (Lithuania)
3rd place: Daria Banasiak (Poland)
4th place: Justyna Vabalis (Lithuania)
Best Spirit Award: Paulė Lavrinovičiūtė (Lithuania)
Best Fighting Technique Award: Aneta Meškauskienė (Lithuania)


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