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Shinkyokushin Poland Karate Summer Camp – Stara Wieś 2013

During 29.08-01.09.2013, there was an international summer camp organized by the Polish Shinkyokushinkai Karate Federation in Dojo Stara Wieś. The camp was attended by nearly 120 people from: Japan, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belarus, and Poland.

The main instructors were: Shihan Shinichi Sotodate from Japan and Shihan Alexander Goncharenko from Ukraine. They conducted most of the trainings during the camp and became an inspiration to all practitioners.

The camp schedule was very tight. Karate trainings were also interspersed with activities dedicated to improving refereeing, because during the camp an international referee course was held and it was finished with exams: practical and written.

Karate trainings were held in several groups: black belts, color belts, fighters and examination group, and were dedicated to improving kihon, kata, ido-geiko and kumite. Polish instructors’ help was also invaluable. It was especially appreciated by practitioners who had to pass the Dan test.

On the first day of the camp, instructors were focused on the improvement and understanding of kihon. The second day was devoted to kata, ido-geiko and fighting combinations. The third day, there were Kyu and Dan tests.

At the end of the camp, a sayonara party was held with unusual artistic performance of an opera soloist with piano accompaniment and a disco until late at night under the stars.

People who passed Dan test:
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